Monday, September 13, 2010

Japan, Robot Haven

A little video I took of a trumpet playing robot in Toyota, Japan ;)
Enjoy :)


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Want to see or write Japanese on your computer?

How to write Japanese?
If you'd like to write japanese with your keyboard at home but don't know how, you can try these guides:

For Windows XP users:
For Windows Vista users:
For Windows 7 users:

For earlier versions of Windows or Mac/Linux users please make use of Google and find out for your self's, This is quite easy.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Japan? But I don't even speak Japanese!?


Though you may not speak Japanese, you shouldn't make the assumption that you cannot speak it.

Japanese is easy, but it's only easy in the terms that you have to study and speak it regularly.

I have some great sites that you may want to visit to learn Japanese.

Beginning learning Japanese?

Try these: (Learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, General Words etc.) (Write Japanese and get fluent japanese speaking people to fix and edit for you.) (Become an internet student.)

Require a dictionary?

Try these: (online dictionary even with kanji radical library.) (Can't read all kanji's? Even hiragana? Here u can change them into romaji or even add furigana.)

日本語勉強しましょねー(Lets study Japanese)

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 9/11 - 11/11

Part 11 of the show :D

Part 10 of the show :D

Part 9 of the show :D

Will post more Gaki no Tsukai soon, keep checking for more upcoming posts.

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 6/11 - 8/11

Part 8 of the show :D

Part 7 of the show :D

Part 6 of the show :D

3 more parts left, getting ready to climax yeh?

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 5/11

Part 5 of the show :D

Please watch, Scary Right?

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 4/11

Part 4 of the show :D

Keep up this is just getting started :D

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 3/11

Part 3 of the show :D

Keep up this is just getting started :D

btw I have noticed that embed videos from 2-11 do not work, so you have to watch them on youtube, but thats not a big deal right? :D

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 2/11

Part 2 of the show :D

Keep up this is just getting started :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ガキの使い(Gaki no tsukai) -Haunted Hotel 1/11

Poor Matsumoto has to go solo to a haunted hotel where the rule states "NO BEING AFRAID" or there will be punishment. Enjoy random people following this blog.
Part 1/11

As rest of the videos don't allow them self's to be embed please continue watching through youtube ;) It's worth it.

Turning 日本人(Japanese)

Japan everyone,hello random people of the world, t'is Turning Japanese time!